The legend of SAINT-VIVANT Armagnac dates back to 1559. Saint-Vivant De La Salle, a nobleman from Gascogne, is said to have created a new spirit by chance, which he named after his region, the Armagnac. It would go on to become one of the most prestigious French brandies.

Presented in exclusive bottles with a slanted neck, decorated with a wax seal and parchment label, SAINT-VIVANT Armagnac is one of the leading brands of Armagnac.


Armagnac Saint Vivant XO 40°

SAINT-VIVANT XO is made from a selection of exceptional Armagnacs that have aged in oak casks for at least six years. This amber-coloured armagnac has an intense, rich nose, with hints of candied orange, prunes and coffee. Its balanced bouquet produces candided fruit aromas, developing  hints of wood, leather and tobacco.

Armagnac Saint Vivant

Armagnac Saint Vivant VS 40°

A lovely blend, made from armagnacs that were aged for at least 2 years, with a beautiful amber colour and a bouquet of white flowers, grapes and hints of vanilla and liquorice.

Saint Vivant VS

Armagnac Saint Vivant VSOP 40°

A  blend, made from armagnacs that were aged for at least 4 years in oak casks, with a beautiful amber brown colour and an assertive, yet balanced bouquet with a long finish of prune, vanilla and brushwood.

Saint Vivant VSOP