The BUSNEL distillery, which was established in 1820 in Corneille, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge in Normandy, is the world's largest exporter of Calvados.

With great composure and precision, BUSNEL distillers and cellar masters use their unique expertise to distil and create this traditional Calvados. Patient and resolute, they know that a noble product merits special attention and meticulous care over the years. When you taste BUSNEL Calvados, you discover a unique Calvados which combines balance, precise proportions and harmonious flavours.


Calvados pays d'auge 2Y 40°

This blend is aged for two years and has a subtle bouquet of forest and fruit aromas, and a finish that tastes of almonds.

Calvados Busnel

Calvados pays d'auge VSOP 40°

This blend spends 4 years in casks. A distinctive but nicely-balanced calvados, with an emphasis on figs on the nose. The perfect after-dinner drink.

Calvados pays d'auge VSOP

Calvados pays d'auge X.O. 40°

A blend of different types of calvados, which are all aged for at least 12 years. Complex notes of ripe fruit and liquorice, with an exceptionally long, full-bodied finish.

Busnel XO