Caraibos, which was launched in the seventies, uses only the best fruit for the production of qualitative juices and nectars.

Caraibos has become a fixture on the bar and cocktail scene. Barmen and mixologists love to use the comprehensive Caraibos range, creating an infinite number of cocktails and mocktails with them.


Caraïbos Cranberry

Discover the Caraibos Cranberry nectar, which tastes of fruit with a hint of tanginess and is even slightly acidic. A refreshing thirst-quencher! 

caraibos cranberry packshot

Caraïbos Strawberry

Caraibos has a strawberry drink that tastes deliciously fruity and slightly sweet. Drink it pure or in a cocktail. 

caraibos fraise packshot

Caraïbos Pineapple ABC

The Caraibos pineapple juice is made from a gold variety, with very juicy flesh. The sweet and sour notes are beautifully balanced, the juice is packed with flavour and has a smooth texture and intense colour.

caraibos pineapple packshot

Caraïbos Lime Nectar

Discover the Caraibos lime nectar, which is both refreshingly tangy and fragrant. Mix the lime juice with Caraibos Mango and Caraibos Maracuja. Add a dash of sugar syrup and enjoy this tasty, fruity cocktail, which is called the Cario' Caraïbos®.

citron vert packshot

Caraïbos Orange Special ABC

Caraïbos has an orange juice made from concentrate for bar professionals. With its exceptional colour and balance between sweetness and acidity, Caraïbos offers a juice with a perfect balance of acids and sugars.

Caraibos orange

Caraïbos Maracuja

Maracuja is a Brazilian variety of passion fruit. Its thick, yellow skin conceals a juicy, fragrant and slightly jelly-like pulp with many small, tender and crunchy brown seeds. Caraïbos selects passion fruit with acidic and fragrant flesh. Drink neat or in a cocktail!

carabis maracuja

Caraïbos Mojito

Caraïbos has a ready-to-use alcohol-free cocktail solution so you can make a good mojito at home with ease.  Mix the Caraïbos mojito with a little sparkling water and 4cl rum if you want an alcoholic version and ... it's ready!

caraibos mojito packshot

Caraïbos Apple Juice

Caraïbos has developed a pure, cloudy apple juice suitable for professional use. The apples have an unusual, very sour taste which have the peculiarity of keeping all their characteristics when alcohol is added.

caraibos pomme packshot

Caraïbos Piña Colada

Pour 4 cl white rum, 6 cl Caraibos Pineapple Juice, 6 cl Caraibos Coconut Cream and 2 cl of cane syrup in a shaker. Top up with ice cubes. Shake a few seconds, then pour into a cocktail glass with ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of pineapple. 

Caraibos Pina Colada