Like its native Scotland, GLEN TURNER has many secrets, making it all the more intriguing: the production, the craftsmanship and the perfect balance of this whisky are a perfect example of thir passion for whisky, keeping the legend alive. 

The GLEN TURNER whiskies stand out because of the traditional double maturation process and their elegant bouquet. The palate of all our Scotch whiskies is rich, intense, varied and a true expression of the art of distillation, which has been handed down for generations... Do taste them!


Glen Turner 12Y 40°

The refined, full-bodied bouquet of this exceptional 12-year-old Single Malt, which has matured in oak casks, produces notes of wood and peat, along with delicate aromas of liquorice and honey.

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Glen Turner Heritage 40°

GLEN TURNER Heritage is a blend of malts, including 15 year old single malts, which offers an exceptional bouquet of aromas. Its double wood maturation, ageing first in oak casks for a long time, then in port casks, gives it a woody flavour and subtle notes of spices and vanilla.

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