The history of this jenever commences in 1884 when Pieter Bruggeman started to distill liqueurs and jenever.

HERTEKAMP is an outstanding jenever, and has obtained the "O'de Flander" quality label. This requires the jenever to be produced in East Flanders, with a minimum alc. vol. of 35%. This original jenever is very popular because of its 100% natural recipe. 

50cl - 70cl

Hertekamp 35°

Hertekamp 35° is a jenever of outstanding quality, with a subtle taste and a refined aroma.
Connoisseurs appreciate its finesse, its 100% natural ingredients and its unrivalled taste, obtained with a complex mixture of aromatic herbs.


Hertekamp Platinum

In Hertekamp Platinum 40° you can taste the respect for tradition and the aromas of grain and juniper berries. This golden yellow genever has a mild, slightly sweet flavour with a woody touch.

Hertekamp Platinum was awarded the O'de Flander quality mark. This quality mark is only awarded to qualitative grain genevers, which are distilled in the province of East Flanders with an alcohol volume of at least 35%.

Hertekamp Platinum