HTK gin was created by the master distiller of Hertekamp, the famous Belgian grain jenever, which was launched in 1894. HTK is the result of centuries-old craftsmanship.

The legendary Hertekamp grain genever and HTK Belgian Dry Gin are therefore true and legitimate grain brothers. You will recognise the perfect mastery of the distillation process and the use of top-quality ingredients.

You will recognise authentic HTK Belgian Dry Gin thanks to the emblem of the Hertekamp deer on the bottle and the Hertekamp brand embossed in the glass.


HTK Belgian Dry Gin

On the palate, it is its balance which is appealing. A high-end gin with an alcohol content of 43.7°, HTK Belgian Dry Gin offers a harmonious blend of acidulous and peppery flavours on the palate. There is also an elegant expression of juniper berries. The zest of citrus fruit and aromatic herbs make the taste last longer on the palate with lemony and floral notes. 

HTK gin