Kidibul, the ideal drink for all good times shared with friends or family! Thanks to its apples and sparkling bubbles, it makes every moment a moment of sharing!

The harvesting of apples, in compliance with the characteristics of colour, acidity and natural content, the concentration without adding preservatives and the pasteurisation of the juice all make Kidibul a fruit juice of controlled origin, from picking to bottling, 100% natural.


Kidibul bottle

The 75cl Kidibul bottle is the brand's flagship product. There are 5 versions: apple, apple-strawberry, apple-cherry, apple-peach and organic apple. With no added sugars or preservatives, it makes moments of sharing sparkle thanks to its tasty apples and fruits of controlled origin. Kidibul is the ideal drink for a refreshing tasting. 

Kidibul fles

Kidibul small bottles

Sold in a pack of 4, the small bottles contain sparkling apple juice. With no added sugars or preservatives, you can find all the Kidibul pleasure in a small resealable bottle.


Kidibul can

Sold individually, the 25cl can is available in apple or apple-strawberry flavours. Its practical and individual format allows you to take it along for a picnic with your family or a snack with friends.

Kidibul blikje