Like an elephant, our pure-grain genever has crossed many countries over the years. Relive its epic journey by savouring the flavours of its travels in every sip. 

Olifant genever contains a malt eau-de-vie which is still distilled in the original still. Only the noble part is used for mixing with a distillate of unique herbs and spices from different continents to give our brand its unique taste.

20cl - 100cl

Olifant genever 35°

Distilling with natural ingredients gives our pure grain Olifant genever its particularly mild and delicious taste.

Olifant Graanjenever

Olifant & Spicy Ginger

Fill a long drinking glass with ice cubes, pour in 5 cl Olifant genever and 20 cl ginger ale.  Mix with a cocktail spoon. To give your cocktail a spicy character, decorate it with a slice of ginger, orange and a stick of cinnamon.

Olifant Ginger