Paddy’s story starts with Paddy Flaherty, a true Whiskey salesman in Cork County Ireland, who sold a triple distilled Irish whiskey. Because of his outgoing character, people started asking after “Paddy’s Irish whiskey”.

Paddy’s is smooth, easy-to-drink and at an accessible price point. This whiskey is ideal for consumers in search of an authentic Irish whiskey brand with a vibrant twist. By focussing on exceptional quality and having an exceptional time with friends, we keep the spirit of Paddy Flaherty alive.

70cl - 100cl

Paddy Irish Whisky 40°

Paddy’s Irish whisky is a blend of 3 unique components: POTT STILL WHISKEY, MALT WHISKEY and DELICATE GRAIN WHISKEY. These unique components give Paddy’s its smooth taste. Paddy’s is matured in a variety of barrels (Bourbon, Sherry, Port, etc.), to later blend all barrels before bottling.

Paddy packshot