Peterman, Belgium’s preferred spirit brand, is known for its subtle aroma and unique flavour.

Peterman was established in 1921 in Ghent. The brand is synonymous with pureness, accessibility and innovation. A contemporary brand, with Belgian roots, which is popular with jenever aficionados of all ages.

20cl - 50cl - 70cl - 100cl

Peterman 30°

Taste Peterman’s many years of experience and craftsmanship in their Peterman 30°. The traditional production process, which has not changed since 1921, gives this spirit its mild juniper flavour and subtle herbal aroma. A flavour profile that easily rivals that of many refined distillates.


Peterman 2

Peterman & Cola

Put 2 or 3 ice cubes in a glass, add 5 cl of Peterman 30° and top up with some cola. Put a straw in the glass.

Peterman & cola