Peterman is a strong Belgian brand with an extensive quality range of grain spirits and flavoured alcoholic drinks.

The Peterman brand is synonymous with accessibility and innovation. The packaging and innovative flavours have brought a wind of change to the Belgian market. A contemporary brand, with a Belgian heritage !

Our flavoured alcoholic drinks are incredibly versatile: delicious served neat or as an ingredient in a surprising mixed drink with your favourite soft drink.

70cl - 100cl

Peterman Lime mint

Discover the sunny taste of Peterman Lime-Mint! The tingling taste of lime and the fresh finish of mint form a perfect combination.

Drink PURE or in the MIX with lemon lemonade!

Peterman Limoen 2
70cl - 100cl

Peterman Violet

Did you forgot a flower? Don't panic, because with Peterman Violet you have a colourful alternative in your hands!

Drink PURE or in the MIX with lemon lemonade!

Peterman Violet 2
70cl - 100cl

Peterman Forest Fruits

The fruity magic of wild blueberries and the unique character of Peterman. That's what Peterman Forest Fruit has to offer!

Drink PURE or in the MIX with an energy drink!

Peterman Bosvruchten 2
70cl - 100cl

Peterman Cuberdon

Just like Peterman, Cuberdons ("neuzekes") are thoroughly Belgian! It will quiet down any tourist in less than 3 seconds ... and let that be our intention!

Drink PURE or in the MIX with orange lemonade!

Peterman Cuberdon 2
70cl - 100cl

Peterman Apple

With Peterman Apple you get the best of 2 worlds. Fruity sweet apples & your favourite Belgian brand Peterman!

Drink PURE or in the MIX with ice tea !

Peterman Appel 2

Peterman Tropical

Taste the tropical freshness of pineapple, mango and passion fruit. A beloved and accessible flavour.

Drink PURE or in the MIX with tonic !

Peterman Tropical
70cl - 100cl

Peterman Lemon

Do you and your friends make the craziest faces? Then Peterman Lemon is your partner-in-crime!

Drink PUUR or in the MIX with agrum lemonade!

Peterman Citroen 2
70cl - 100cl

Peterman Cola Candy

Are you a big fan of cola candy? Then you should definitely try this liquid variant!

Drink PURE or in the MIX with ginger ale!

Peterman Cola 2