Peterman and its wide range of quality grain and flavoured jenevers is Belgium’s preferred jenever brand.

The Peterman brand is synonymous with accessibility and innovation. The packaging and innovative flavours have brought a wind of change to the Belgian jenever market. A contemporary brand, with a Belgian heritage, which is popular with jenever aficionados of all ages.

Our aromatised jenevers are incredibly versatile: delicious served neat, as an ingredient in a surprising mixed drink with your favourite soft drink or in a cocktail.

Peterman was established in 1921 in Ghent. In addition to a wide range of aromatised jenevers, Peterman also produces delicious, mild grain jenevers.


Peterman Lime mint

The tingling taste of lime and a fresh hint of mint make are a perfect pairing. Enjoy the sunny flavour of Like Lime.
Drink it neat, in a refreshing mixed drink with tonic or in a creative cocktail with mint leaves, a splash of sparkling water and crushed ice.

Peterman Limoen 2020
20cl - 70cl

Peterman Violet

Subtle violets and a spirited jenever combine to create a unique mix. The deliciously refined aromas are intoxicating!

Drink it neat, or in a mixed drink with champagne or sparkling wine, or even in a surprising cocktail - the Caïpi Violet - with lime, Saint James cane sugar syrup, crushed ice and Vivid Violet as a fun twist.

Peterman Violet 2020
20cl - 70cl

Peterman Forest Fruits

The magical combination of wild blueberries and a jenever that is full of character combine to create a super-fresh, fruity flavour sensation.

Drink it neat, in an invigorating mixed drink with your favourite energy drink or in a creative cocktail with lime, sugar syrup and crushed ice.

Peterman Forest Fruits 2020
20cl - 70cl

Peterman Cuberdon

The heady notes of juniper berries are combined with the typical aromas and mild raspberry flavour of authentic Belgian ‘cuberdon’ sweets. A truly ‘conic’ experience.

Drink it neat, in a refreshing mixed drink with sparkling lemonade or in a mild cocktail with lime, sugar syrup and crushed ice.

Peterman Cuberdon 2020

Peterman Apple

Taste the deliciously mild and sweet mix of apple and Belgian jenever. An unforgettable flavour sensation!

Drink it neat, in a refreshing mixed drink with ice tea or in a cocktail that you can easily mix yourself, with some apple juice and a hint of cinnamon.

Peterman Apple 2020

Peterman Mint

All the magic of fresh mint! What makes jenever so special is its strong character. Enjoy a moment of pure freshness!

Drink it neat or on the rocks, mix with mineral or sparkling water or use it as an ingredient in a Mint Vador, along with Triple Sec, vodka and grape juice.

Peterman Munt 2020

Peterman Lemon

Try the tangy freshness of citrus fruit combined with the strong character of jenever. Let yourself be swept away by the pulp of Lucky Lemon!

Delicious on its own. Don't forget to shake well before use to mix the lemon pulp. Drink Lucky Lemon in a mildly tart mixed drink with sparkling water or sparkling lemonade. You can also use it as an ingredient in a cocktail with lemon, ginger ale, cane sugar syrup and crushed ice, with a dash of Canada Dry.

Peterman Lemon 2020

Peterman Caïpi Fruits of the Forest

Cut half a lime into wedges and put them into a glass. Add 2cl of Saint James cane sugar syrup. Crush the lime to extract all the juice. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Add 5cl Peterman Bright Berries. Mix well and garnish with a lime twist.

Peterman Caïpi