Porto CRUZ attests to unique craftsmanship which goes back all the way to 1887. The brand's port wines are produced with great care, using only grapes from the noblest crus in the Douro Valley.

The grapes are harvested by hand and mature slowly in oak casks. Porto CRUZ has a wide range of port wines, with plenty of colour variation.

75cl - 100cl

Porto Cruz White 19°

Porto CRUZ White is exclusively produced from white grape varieties from the Douro Valley, after which this port wine ages in our cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.
Colour: golden yellow
Bouquet: hints of citrus, dried fruit, bitter almond and honey
Enjoy it chilled, with tonic water and lots of ice.

Porto cruz white
75cl - 100cl

Porto Cruz Pink 19°

CRUZ Pink is a pink port, produced from red grape varieties. The specific winemaking process imparts the pink colour and the fruity and floral aromas.
Colour: pink-red with a ruby-red sparkle
Bouquet: red fruit (raspberry, redcurrant and cherry)
Deliciously refreshing with tonic water and a lot of ice.

Porto cruz pink

Porto CRUZ Fresco & Tonic

Discover the new hit amongst the summer drinks : Porto CRUZ Fresco & Tonic. A fruity and refreshing cocktail, easy to prepare with just 1/3 of Porto CRUZ Pink or White and 2/3 of tonic. Serve in a big wine glass with ice, lots of ice! The lovers of Tawny of Ruby port can go for a 100% Fresco experience by adding only ice cubes, decorated with a zeste of orange.

Porto CRUZ Fresco Pink
75cl - 100cl

Porto Cruz Ruby 19°

Porto CRUZ Ruby is exclusively made from a sophisticated selection of red grape varieties from the Douro Valley. This port wine spends 2 to 3 years aging in oak casks in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.
Colour: brownish red
Bouquet: mild, fresh red fruit
The perfect pre-dinner drink, at room temperature or on the rocks.

Porto Cruz Ruby

Porto Cruz Special Reserve 19°

CRUZ Special Reserve is the result of a harmonious, subtle blend of exclusive aged port wines from the Douro Valley. This port spends several years maturing in casks and is bottled in Portugal.
Colour: brick-red with golden highlights
Bouquet: dried and stewed fruit
A perfect pre-dinner drink at room temperature, with foie gras or chocolate desserts.

Porto Cruz Special Reserve
20cl - 75cl - 100cl

Porto Cruz Tawny 19°

Porto CRUZ Tawny is made from the best grapes in the Douro Valley, after which it ages for at least three years in our cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.
Colour: red with light, brick red reflections
Bouquet: rich notes of red fruit and nuts
Do try the Porto CRUZ Tawny Fresco, a deliciously refreshing way of drinking port: with loads of ice!

Porto cruz tawny

Porto Cruz 10Y - 20Y - 30Y 19°

The GRAN CRUZ aged ports are made using carefully-selected wines, which spend years aging in oak casks until they reach the peak of their maturity. The process imparts a rare delicacy and elegance.
Colour: brick-red
Bouquet: notes of dried fruit, with hints of roasted coffee
Pairs nicely with foie gras, blue cheese and chocolate desserts.

Porto Cruz 10Y


CRUZ Colheitas are made from a single harvest. These port wines spend at least 7 years aging in small, oak casks in the GRAN CRUZ cellars, which gives them a rare elegance.
Colour: mahogany red
Bouquet: notes of candied fruit
Decant before drinking. Pairs nicely with spicy dishes and coffee-flavoured desserts.

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