Saint James rum is produced in Martinique and is popular around the world.

The Saint James rums are fermented and distilled from pure sugar cane juice and comply with the strict regulations of the "Rhum Agricole Martinique"  appellation of origin. Saint James rum owes its fruity taste and distinctive aromas to this unique production method, which is exclusive to the French Antilles.

70cl - 100cl

Saint James Royal Ambré 40°

Saint James Royal Amber is the high-end version of amber rums. After maturing in oak casks for 18 to 24 months, this rum reveals its spicy notes (cinnamon, nutmeg), sugary fruit (figs, dates) and all the other touches that are typical of the ageing process (vanilla, roasted hazelnut). 

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70cl - 100cl

Saint James Blanc Impérial 40°

This rum retains the authentic flavour of freshly-cut sugar cane. You will taste floral notes (rose, peony), fruity aromas (pineapple, passion fruit) and slightly spicy nuances.

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Saint James Vieux 42°

A real gem among rums with more aromatic complexity, as it spends 3 to 6 years maturing in oak casks. Saint James Vieux reveals aromas of fresh (plums) and dried fruit (prunes, almonds, nuts and so on), combined with hints of vanilla. This rum can be enjoyed pure or be mixed in a super tasty cocktail.

Saint James Vieux

Saint James 7 Years Old 43°

Ce rhum vieilli durant au moins 7 ans surprend par sa richesse aromatique. Au nez, on dénote un doux parfum d’épices (cannelle sur fond de vanille) et de savoureux fruits secs et confits. Les tannins de ce rhum 7 ans d’âge lui confèrent une belle longueur ponctuée d’une finale chaleureuse.

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Saint James 12 Years Old 43°

This full-bodied and complex rum is aged for at least 12 years. The nose of this Saint James rum presents full, well-rounded woody notes, which are due to the time the rum spends in contact with the oak of the selected casks. The rum has hints of undergrowth and roasted notes (coffee), accompanied by more pronounced spices such as nutmeg, which make way for the smoother flavours of cinnamon and plums.

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Saint James 15 Years Old 43°

This classy rum is aged for an exceptionally long time, at least 15 years. The woody notes (mushrooms, dry wood) blend with roasted notes (grilled/toasted, charred wood), from the charring of the casks. On the palate, the tannins and wood dominate with dry, charred wood notes that pleasantly coat the mouth. This rum has a remarkable finish.

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Saint James Fleur de Canne Vieux 42°

This rum is aged for 4 to 5 years in selected casks, giving it the gourmet notes of tobacco and mocha, while retaining the original notes of ripe sugar cane.

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St james cannes 50

Saint James Fleur de Canne Blanc 50°

A white rum that is elaborated exclusively from sugar cane harvested during the dry season, giving it rich and sugary flavours.


Saint James Quintessence 42°

Ce produit d’exception rassemble les plus grands crus de l’histoire de Saint-James et couvre toute la palette aromatique de nos vieux millésimes. Il séduit par son bouquet doux et fruité (figues, dattes sèches). Une douceur qui fait place aux arômes classiques d’un vieux Saint James avant de terminer sur une note délicate de sous-bois, de café torréfié et d’épices. En bouche, une saveur à la fois riche et chaleureuse succède à une attaque boisée.

Saint James Quintessial

Saint James Cuvée 1765 43°

Saint James Cuvée 1765 is a subtle blend of carefully-selected rums that spent at least 5 years ageing in small, oak casks. A lovely cuvée for connoisseurs, with a unique character. The very spicy nose (cinnamon and nutmeg) is combined with a potent and spicy taste, with notes of roasted coffee, cocoa and steeped fruit, blended with fragrant wood, which highlights the subtlety of this rum even more.

Saint James Cuvee