Smeets, the iconic genever brand, which was established in 1921, has become synonymous with superb quality grain genever from Hasselt.

In 2011, the Smeets brand was acquired by Bruggeman-La Martiniquaise.

Smeets genever continues to stay true to its rich tradition, in every step of its production process.The result is a range of diverse genevers, of uncompromising quality, with a unique, unrivalled flavour. A bestseller that is widely appreciated!

In addition to its grain genevers, Smeets also has a wide range of fruit and cream liquors.


Smeets Extra 35°

Belgium’s most popular, best-selling authentic Hasselt genever. This traditional genever in its green bottle owes its unique taste to a subtle mix of malt wine, herbs and spices, and juniper berries. This iconic grain genever, which is distilled from high-quality distilled malt wine, spends 6 months aging in our Hasselt plant. As such, Smeets fulfils all the conditions for using the internationally-recognised ‘Hasseltse genever’ quality mark. Smeets Extra 35% is very aromatic and has a mild, rounded and distinctive grain flavour. Delicious served neat and ice-cold or in a surprising mixed drink.

Smeets graan hasselt jenever logo

Smeets Hasselt 30°

This grain genever is produced from pure rye and malted barley. The production process for the ‘little brother’ of Smeets Extra is largely the same, albeit that the alcohol volume is reduced.

This genever with a 30% alc. vol. will warm you up inside, with its subtle herbal aroma and juniper berry flavour.

Smeets graan hasselt jenever logo

Spicy Juniper

A deliciously sweet yet spicy mix of Smeets Extra, ginger ale and 2 drops of Angostura Bitters.

Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add 50 ml of Smeets Extra. Insert a bar stirrer into the glass and pour the ginger ale down the twisted bar spoon. Add 2 drops of Angostura Bitters and garnish with some mint leaves.


Smeets Spicy Juniper