Smeets, the iconic geneverbrand, which was established in 1921, has become synonymous with superb quality grain geneverfrom Hasselt. This quality is also reflected in the brand’s wide range of grain, fruit and cream genevers.

In 2011, the Smeets brand was acquired by Bruggeman-La Martiniquaise.

The Smeets brand is your guarantee of uncompromising quality, with a unique, unrivalled flavour, and a diverse range of genevers.
A bestseller from Hasselt that is appreciated by people of all ages!

Drink Smeets fruit genevers neat or on the rocks. Or mix them, for a refreshing, fruity cocktail.
Serve the unctuous, flavoursome Smeets cream genevers neat, with crushed ice or drizzled over a scoop of ice-cream


Smeets Appel-Kers 14,9°

An original combination of apples and cherries. 2 great flavours combined into a divine and typical fruity genever from Limburg!

Smeets Appel-Kers

Smeets Mango-Passion 20°

A refreshing fruitgenever with an exotic touch of mango and passion fruit. Refreshing, sweet and well-known! With this youngest member of the Smeets family you get an exotic feeling at home.

Smeets Mango-Passie

Smeets Wafel 20°

Sweet waffles, combined with authentic Hasselt genever. Deliciously surprising!

Smeets Wafel

Smeets Cactus 20°

The slightly sugary and exotic cactus flavour pairs nicely with authentic Hasselt genever. A unique flavour in our range of fruit genevers,  to warm you during the cold winter months and quench your thirst on a sun-drenched terrace in the summer.

Smeets Cactus

Smeets Citroen 20°

A classic, timeless genever. genever with lemon extract. All the lemon pulp is carefully preserved to guarantee its unique taste...
Shake before use!

Smeets Citroen

Smeets Appel 20°

Do you like sweet flavours? Do you enjoy a strong, slightly sweet taste? Everyone will love Smeets apple genever!

Smeets Appel

Smeets Hazelnoot 17°

One of our most popular cream genevers. The taste of real hazelnuts, with a hint of caramel and a creamy note.

Smeets Hazelnoot

Smeets Vanille 17°

Discover the ultimate flavour of real vanilla pods.
This cream genevercombines the authenticity of vanilla with a sweet creamy note.

Smeets Vanille

Smeets Chocolade 17°

A perfect blend of cocoa, melted caramel and dark chocolate. Combined with authentic Hasselt geneverand an unctuous creamy note. Shake before use to enjoy the full taste of real chocolate!

Smeets Chocolade

Smeets Crème Brûlée 17°

The flavour of your favourite dessert in a drink. Creamy, smoot and sweet, this cream liquor is sure to be your newest guilty pleasure. It’s also delicious in your coffee!

Smeets Creme Brulee

Smeets Meloen 17°

A surprisingly fresh, creamy genever. The natural melon extracts infuse this geneverwith a taste of fresh, sun-ripened melon.
Easy to see why it’s such a popular pairing with a starter in the summer.

Smeets Meloen