Southern Comfort is the Gateway to American Whiskey. It’s an inviting welcome of flavor and attitude that unmistakably embodies its birthplace– New Orleans.

Southern Comfort is, within the whiskey category, one of America’s oldest, largest and most widely distributed. Southern Comfort has an authentic secret recipe still in use to this day. The brand has a rich history, dating back over 140 years when the founder M.W. Heron contorted the first batch, using a unique blend of fruits and spices to create a new smooth-drinking whiskey-based liqueur that’s meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Sazerac, owner of some of the world’s most awarded distilleries and Master Distiller, Drew Mayville, carry on the legacy to this day.

70cl - 100cl

Southern Comfort 35°

Smooth & Spicy: the iconic blend of whiskey, sweet fruits and secret spices. The drink of choice for our loyal drinker base. This is whiskey on its own terms. Made to be enjoyed on yours.
Serve: simple mixers or sodas.

Southern Comfort