St Raphaël, your favourite “apéro du vélo”

St Raphaël is the perfect drink for each and every cycling moment. This iconic French drink is a symbol of the “savoir-vivre à la Française”. With its rich history, it takes you back to the fifties, when it was a sponsor of the Saint Raphaël cycling team. This is when it won the Tour de France together with Jacques Anquetil.

St Raphaël has a base of noble wine, which causes its sweet taste. The use of the quinquina herbs creates its subtle bitterness, while a variation of botanicals give the drink its typical rich flavour!


ST RAPHAËL Le quina Rouge 18°

Le quina Rouge has a base of noble wine, with an accessible bitter and fruity taste and a hint of orange and cherry. This typical French aperitif takes you back to the origin of St Raphaël with its aromatic taste. This cycling drink, won the price for best aperitif of 2018.

St Raphael Quina Rouge

St Raph Tonic Rouge

Fill a large wine glass with ice cubes and pour in 6 cl St Raphaël Le Quina Rouge or Ambré. Top up with 15 cl Premium Indian Tonic. Garnish with orange zest if you used Rouge, lemon zest if you used Ambré.

St Raph Tonic

St Raph Tonic Ambre

  • 1/3 Le quina Ambré
  • 2/3 tonic 
  • Ice cubes
  • Zest of a lemon


St Raphael Quina ambre 2

ST RAPHAËL Le quina Ambré 16°

Le quina Ambré with a base of white wine, has a sweet flavour with aromas of cacao, vanilla and caramel. It is the softer opponent of the aromatic le quina Rouge.

St Raphael Quina Ambre
75cl - 100cl


Warm, fruity, round and refined. It is the red mistelle which gives it its body and beautiful ruby colour. Cinchona bark and bitter orange peel enhance its fragrance.

st raphael rougebottle shot
75cl - 100cl


Its softness and freshness make it unique. Its fragrant aroma comes from the subtle aromatisation of the white mistelle.

Cinchona bark and bitter orange peel, vanilla and cocoa give it all its balance. 

 St Raphael ambre bottle shot