Tequila is an alcoholic beverage made in Mexico, from the Agave Tequilana.

The tequila must contain at least 60% blue agave, which is exclusively grown in the state of Jalisco, to qualify as a Tequila. Tiscaz is an exceptional tequila, with plenty of authentic character. This premium tequila contains 84% agave, offering an unrivalled, refined taste experience.


Tiscaz White 35°

Tiscaz Blanco is a double distilled tequila, made from 20% tequila aged in oak casks. It has a refined, distinctive taste, with subtle hints of agave, white pepper, citrus and wood. The perfect tequila for cocktails and a nice introduction to this Mexican drink.


Tiscaz Gold 35°

Tequila aficionados appreciate TISCAZ Tequila Gold for its full flavours of vanilla and fruit, with lasting notes of pepper and fresh herbs.

Tiscaz Gold