Since 2009, Bruggeman is the Benelux subsidiary of the French group La Martiniquaise.

Founded by Jean Cayard in 1934, the LA MARTINIQUAISE Group is a French independent group which in France and internationally has developed a large portfolio of strong brands in all wines and spirits categories.

Recording a turnover in 2017 in excess of 1 billion euros, the Group whose headquarters is located near Paris has no fewer than 38 subsidiaries and production sites. The key to the Group’s success lies not only in its knowledge of wines and spirits but also in its tight control of its industrial tools and raw materials which guarantee the quality of its products.

Among its portfolio, La Martiniquaise has brands such as LABEL 5 & SIR EDWARD’S, POLIAKOV and NEGRITA, but also world leaders in their categories such as SAINT JAMES cane juice rum and PORTO CRUZ.


 •            Top 10 worldwide for wines and spirits

•             Turnover of €1bn

•             No. 1 in France

•             38 subsidiaries and production sites around the world

•             4 millionaire brands

•             2,500 employees worldwide