Our strategy Taste The Belgian Spirit at the service of Spiritainment

Distillery Bruggeman is active in the Benelux as a producer, importer and distributor of alcoholic beverages. We use our locally acquired craftsmanship and leadership in jenever to build upon our "local heroes", our own jenever brands of Peterman, Smeets and Hertekamp, in​ the Benelux market. We always do this with respect for and preservation of their authentic Belgian identity and their own unique positioning and consumption possibilities. These Belgian spirits deserve to be tasted!

Thanks to our merger with French group La Martiniquaise, we also offer renowned international brands in the Benelux countries. The extensive portfolio of major international rum, vodka and whisky brands as well as non-alcoholic fruit juices for cocktails are a perfect match for the 'spiritainment' solutions that Bruggeman wants to offer. For example, our drinks are ideally suited to the preparation of cocktails, mocktails, long drinks and aperitifs (i.e. all kinds of spirits) and thus make it possible to provide a great leisure experience (i.e. entertainment).

The Bruggeman team is committed to making our drinks widely accessible at the best price/quality ratio for every type of consumer. In this way, we enable everyone to relax in a responsible manner and to enjoy those special moments.


Spiritainment - In our own unique way, we want to add relaxation/experience (i.e. entertainment) to the world of (party) drinks (i.e. spirits)

Passion - Team spirit, dedication and commitment are key drivers in the expansion of our company and our brands.

Independence - We chart our own course, taking into account the group’s long-term strategy.

Responsibility - We take our corporate social responsibility by promoting the responsible consumption of our products.

Infinite creativity - We pursue a pioneering role when developing new products, thinking up innovative concepts and generating other consumption possibilities.

Trustworthiness - We listen to and continuously consult with stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, suppliers, consumers and employees in order to offer added value.

Standard quality - Quality is key, as evidenced by our multiple certifications of our site (BRC/IFS) and products (medals awarded in international competitions).